Yobi’s Knowledge Graph can be used for a variety of use cases across many industries:

For Agencies

Improve the performance of your customers’ campaigns by leveraging Yobi’s Behavioral Graph, which is 5X more predictive than traditional third-party data.

“We saw a 500% increase in conversions from Yobi’s audience when compared to The Trade Desk”.

Head of Media & Analytics at a Media Company

For Brands

Leverage Yobi’s Knowledge Graph from within your existing marketing platform (DSP, CDP, etc), or enrich your data to develop new AI/ML use cases.

Yobi audiences delivered a 30X lift in ROAS at 1/6th the costs of Oracle, IRI, and Kantar/Numerator audiences for Oscar Meyer.

– Oscar Meyer

For AI/ML Teams

Petabytes of consumer behavior signals combined with trillions of dollars of spend, modeled at 200B parameters to synthesize attributes and identify new dimensions that were previously invisible to humans.

1. Instant Personalization – provide a starting point for recommender systems (overcoming the cold start problem), by enriching your users’ profiles
2. Improve Ad Conversions – create more granular audience segments by understanding your users’ behavior, to deliver the right message, through the right channel, at the right time
3. Anticipate Churn – reactivate churned customers, and identify which segments share similar characteristics, by enhancing their user profiles
4. Prevent Fraud – identify which users might be more susceptible to fraud, and what normal behavior looks like, by creating a richer customer profile
5. Optimize Pricing & Demand Forecasting – leverage consumer behavioral signals from outside your ecosystem to provide insights on price sensitivity, competitive intelligence, and market trends

We saw a 500% increase in conversions from Yobi’s audience when compared to The Trade Desk.

Head of Media & Analytics at a Media Company

Powerful Data to Drive Brand Loyalty & Business Growth

Core Industries:

Retail and E-Commerce
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Media and Entertainment
Sports and Venues
Internet Marketplaces
Travel and Hospitality