Private by Design

Build models that dynamically represent customer behavior to increase addressability and engagement

Safely Personalize Every Experience

Utilize privacy preserving predictive signals to enhance engagement, monetization, and relevance with your customers.

Privacy Preserving Data

Extract the predictive signal needed to enhance model performance without exposing any personal information

Clean, Tested, Structured

Deploy models faster by working with behavioral data pre-processed and validated by Yobi’s team of data scientists

Framework with Controls

Build your own models using Yobi’s predictive signals or integrate pre-built predictive models by Yobi’s team

Commitment to Privacy

When scientists work with behavioral data, they need to show that the benefits of their work will exceed any risks to the people who provided the data.

The same ethical considerations are rarely applied in the commercial use of behavioral data. Yobi aims to put these principles at the forefront of its business model: maximizing benefits while minimizing risks.

As a steward for behavioral datasets from multiple industries, Yobi uses machine learning technologies to build tools that allow clients to understand the behavior of their customers without violating their privacy.

Rather than sharing raw behavioral data, Yobi creates representations of customers that are optimized to be informative but privacy-preserving. This approach gives smaller companies access to the same insight into their customers that big technology companies enjoy, democratizing the marketplace, and will provide non-profit and scientific partners new tools for doing good.

Yobi uses only opt-in datasets, subjects data partners, clients, and projects to ethical review, and was created in part to support the scientific use of behavioral data for understanding how human minds and societies work.