Leverage Yobi on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to Upgrade AI Tools in the CMO’s Suite

Yobi’s introduction of Predictive Audiences (built by Twitter, Spotify, Meta, Amazon, and Uber alums) to the Azure Marketplace comes with IP Co-Sell Incentivized status, signaling a shift that goes beyond attracting marketing spend typically devoted to competitors like Google. This strategic reallocation serves a dual purpose: companies can more effectively fulfill their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), while also achieving their marketing objectives without overextending their operational finances.

“Yobi uniquely enables a redirection of marketing investment directly from the CMO’s budget into the Microsoft infrastructure. By positioning its offering within the Azure Marketplace, Yobi grants marketing departments the means to meet their customer acquisition goals by utilizing their MACC, without overextending their operational finances.”

David Honig, SVP of Corporate Development at Yobi AI

Implementing Yobi is seamless, with full deployment possible within a two-week timeframe

Yobi’s presence on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace not only strengthens our partnership with Microsoft but also carves a pathway for effectively filling the voids within a company’s proprietary data infrastructure, consumer behavior data. It ensures secure integration that aligns with current privacy policies without introducing new risks in working with consumer data. Yobi aims to democratize predictive data science and customer acquisition in an era that prioritizes privacy.

Microsoft + Yobi AI Use Cases

Below are a few use cases for Yobi that Microsoft customers can explore via the Azure Marketplace today:

1. CPG: Yobi audiences delivered a 30X lift in ROAS at 1/6th the costs of Oracle, IRI, and Kantar/Numerator audiences for Oscar Meyer.
2. Insurance: Yobi data accelerated dynamic, real-time personalization for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company, leading to a 3X increase in website conversions.
3. Media/Entertainment: Our data increased tune-in by 500% over The Trade Desk for a cable network.
4. eComm: Yobi has replicated the performance of Facebook Ads, enabling eCommerce companies to decrease Facebook CPA/CAC by over $100 through programmatic channels.
5. B2B/Manufacturing: Yobi decreased CPA by 11X and increased CTR by 15X for a Global Electronics Parts Distributor.

Core Industries

Retail and E-Commerce
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Media and Entertainment
Sports and Venues
Internet Marketplaces
Travel and Hospitality