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Leverage Yobi on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to Upgrade AI Tools in the CMO’s Suite

AI is revolutionizing the marketing arena, and everyone brings their unique style to the table. However, the surge of innovation in AI has often bypassed the needs of specific audiences. Why is this the case? It’s primarily because only Big Tech possesses the necessary data, expertise, and scale to fully harness AI’s predictive capabilities. This reality has left marketers and agencies reliant on conventional audience strategies.

“Yobi offers a unique opportunity to channel Microsoft data infrastructure investments into the Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) office. This strategic partnership empowers marketing teams to achieve their customer acquisition objectives with the opportunity to leverage existing Microsoft investments, without straining their operational budget.”

David Honig, SVP of Corporate Development at Yobi AI

Yobi’s introduction of Predictive Audiences (built by Twitter, Spotify, Meta, Amazon, and Uber alums) to the Azure Marketplace is designed to disrupt this norm and level the playing field. Yobi’s approach to audience solutions is forward-thinking, emphasizing predictive accuracy, dynamic adaptability, and stringent privacy standards. With Yobi, predictions transform into real-time outcomes for Microsoft customers. Whether it’s identifying your next top-tier customer by analyzing data from existing valued clients, pinpointing key factors to reduce churn and boost customer loyalty, or expanding your customer base by leveraging insights from your first-party data, the Yobi + Microsoft team is equipped to support your marketing needs every step of the way.

Implementing Yobi is seamless, with full deployment possible within a two-week timeframe

Yobi’s presence on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace not only strengthens our partnership with Microsoft but also carves a pathway for effectively filling the voids within a company’s proprietary data infrastructure, consumer behavior data. It ensures secure integration that aligns with current privacy policies without introducing new risks while working with consumer data. Yobi aims to democratize predictive data science and customer acquisition in an era that prioritizes privacy.

By maintaining a massive consumer behavior dataset, which refreshes daily, Yobi is able to identify trends in behavior that indicate the most likely next action a consumer will take. This predictive ability enables Yobi to deliver audiences for programmatic activation that are up to 5X more performant than traditional, static off-the-shelf segments found in most DSP data marketplaces, while reducing customer acquisition costs by 65%, whether you’re an Agency or a Brand Marketer.

Microsoft + Yobi Use Cases

“Yobi’s unique approach to data utilization and enrichment enabled our agency to unlock the value of otherwise unused campaign level log data from our DSP (The Trade Desk), resulting in lower data costs and increased working media dollars, while increasing conversions by 3X across numerous clients and industry verticals.”

VP of Marketing at Advertising Agency

1. CPG: Yobi audiences delivered a 30X lift in ROAS at 1/6th the costs of Oracle, IRI, and Kantar/Numerator audiences for Oscar Meyer.
2. Insurance: Yobi data accelerated dynamic, real-time personalization for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company, leading to a 3X increase in website conversions.
3. Media/Entertainment: Our data increased tune-in by 500% over The Trade Desk for a cable network.
4. eComm: Yobi has replicated the performance of Facebook Ads, enabling eCommerce companies to decrease Facebook CPA/CAC by over $100 through programmatic channels.
5. B2B/Manufacturing: Yobi decreased CPA by 11X and increased CTR by 15X for a Global Electronics Parts Distributor.

In today’s highly competitive digital marketing world, adopting AI-powered advertising through Yobi has become essential. Yobi expands functionalities in Microsoft offerings like Azure Fabric, Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Power BI. However, this technology should not be viewed as a substitute for marketing experts. Instead, it represents a collaborative partnership aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of ad investments. Yobi offers more control and provides deeper insights than traditional solutions currently available in the market, supporting Marketing professionals and Agency professionals in achieving superior outcomes.

Core Industries

Retail and E-Commerce
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Media and Entertainment
Sports and Venues
Internet Marketplaces
Travel and Hospitality

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