Yobi empowers Databricks customers to improve AI/ML performance by 15%, addressing problems like cold start, low conversions, churn, fraud, and missed opportunities.

Ethically Democratizing the AI Revolution

Since 2019, Yobi has focused on tackling the most fundamental challenge related to AI/ML development: building predictive feature sets from high quality data. Recent studies have highlighted the lack of high quality data to support sophisticated AI and ML development. Yobi’s databricks listing creates an ethical, compliant, and privacy protective way for companies to address their data scarcity challenges.

The AI explosion has left many organizations feeling left out, with the largest tech companies (who have the data, expertise, and resources to invest) being best positioned to capitalize. The combined missions of Databricks + Yobi were perfectly aligned to go-to-market with an offering that combines leading data + AI infrastructure with highly predictive consumer data designed to fuel AI, and level the playing field for all. Yobi’s Knowledge Graph (built by Twitter, Spotify, Meta, Amazon, and Uber alums) was designed to provide the most predictive 200+ signals about consumer behavior, from over 2 petabytes of new signal (processed daily), without exposing AI/ML teams to raw sensitive data. Yobi’s Databricks listing exposes these highly predictive signals, while preserving user privacy.

“Databricks is excited to welcome Yobi to Databricks Marketplace where customers are able to instantly access Yobi’s US based consumer dataset to understand, connect with and influence consumers.”

David Kulwin, Director of Alliances & Marketplace

Databricks + Yobi AI Use Cases via Delta Share

Below are a few use cases for Yobi that Databricks customers can explore via the Data Marketplace (using Delta Share) today:

1. Instant Personalization – provide a starting point for recommender systems (overcoming the cold start problem), by enriching your users’ profiles
2. Improve Ad Conversions – create more granular audience segments by understanding your users’ behavior, to deliver the right message, through the right channel, at the right time
3. Anticipate Churn – reactivate churned customers, and identify which segments share similar characteristics, by enhancing their user profiles
4. Prevent Fraud – identify which users might be more susceptible to fraud, and what normal behavior looks like, by creating a richer customer profile
5. Optimize Pricing & Demand Forecasting – leverage consumer behavioral signals from outside your ecosystem to provide insights on price sensitivity, competitive intelligence, and market trends

All of these can be accessed via Delta Share, in privacy-safe data clean rooms, without replicating data, building data pipelines, or exposing internal company data.

Core Industries

• Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
• Media & Entertainment (Traditional & Streaming)
• E-Commerce & Internet Marketplaces