Brand marketers have been struggling with poor audience data, limiting the outputs of custom AI bidders

Traditional audience segments just don’t cut it anymore. Outside of Amazon or Google, marketers have been stuck with the status quo of often inaccurate, stale, and single-dimensional third party data segments built with minimal privacy guidelines.

It’s no surprise that innovation in programmatic bidder technology has skyrocketed with the proliferation of AI/ML. These innovative new solutions will only take you so far because they’re focus is on the optimal mix of placement, geo, viewability, context, or attention at the lowest possible price. Don’t sell yourself short by utilizing insufficient, stale audience segments. Yobi Predictive Audiences level up down-stream custom bidder solutions to maximize performance.

Yobi was built to shatter the status quo. Consumers are dynamic – audiences should be too. Yobi derives insight from consumer behavior and creates audiences for programmatic activation that are up to 5X more performant than traditional off-the-shelf audience segments going stale on the shelves of your local DSP data marketplace.

Yobi identified trends that would have been impossible to leverage traditional sources to learn about.

Director of Analytics, Ecommerce Brand

Data Science Use Cases

1. Instant Personalization – provide a starting point for recommender systems (overcoming the cold start problem), by enriching your users’ profiles
2. Improve Ad Conversions – create more granular audience segments by understanding your users’ behavior, to deliver the right message, through the right channel, at the right time
3. Anticipate Churn – reactivate churned customers, and identify which segments share similar characteristics, by enhancing their user profiles
4. Prevent Fraud – identify which users might be more susceptible to fraud, and what normal behavior looks like, by creating a richer customer profile
5. Optimize Pricing & Demand Forecasting – leverage consumer behavioral signals from outside your ecosystem to provide insights on price sensitivity, competitive intelligence, and market trends

Yobi Outcomes for Brands

CPG: Yobi audiences delivered a 30X lift in ROAS at 1/6th the costs of Oracle, IRI, and Kantar/Numerator audiences for Oscar Meyer.

Insurance: Yobi data accelerated dynamic, real-time personalization for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company, leading to a 3X increase in website conversions.

Media/Entertainment: Our data increased tune-in by 500% over The Trade Desk for a cable network.

eComm: Yobi has replicated the performance of Facebook Ads programmatically enabling eCommerce companies, for the first time, to decrease their CPA/CAC by over $100 outside of Facebook.

B2B/Manufacturing: Yobi decreased CPA by 11X and increased CTR by 15X for a Global Electronics Parts Distributor.